Glass Skylight Specifications

  Specifications (microsoft word format)
  Specifications (html format)
  Short Form Specifications (microsoft word format)

Glass Performance Data

  Viracon Performance Data for 1 1/4" Insulating Glass with Laminated Inboard Lite
  PPG Performance Data for 1" Insulating Glass

  AFG Performance Data for Various Glass Thicknesses and Airspaces

  Sizing the Laminated Inboard Lite of an Insulating Glass Unit
  UV Transmission through Glass

Glass Skylight Tests

  Thermal Test Results
  Air Infiltration & Water Penetration Test Results
  Field Testing for Water Leakage


Structured Polycarbonate Skylight Specifications

  Specifications (microsoft word format)
  Specifications (pdf format)
  Structured Polycarbonate Performance Data

Structured Polycarbonate Skylight Tests

  NFRC 100 Compliant Test Results
  NFRC 200 Compliant Test Results
NFRC 300 Compliant Test Results
  Fire Tests for Code Compliance


Plastic Dome Skylight Specifications

  Specifications (microsoft word format)

Plastic Dome Performance Data

  Performance Data for Double Polycarbonate Domes ______________________________________________________________


Finishing of Aluminum Framework and Flashings

  All About Anodized Finishes by Linetec
  Color Sample Cards
Painted vs. Anodize Finish Performance Comparison

  Specification for Anodize Finish

  Specification for Kynar Painted Finish



Sealant Specifications and Data

  Dow Corning® 795 Properties

  Dow Corning® 795 Specifications

  Color Sample Card

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