Wisconsin Solar Design Inc.
2500 Pleasant View Rd.
Middleton, WI 53562
email: contact@wisconsinsolardesign.com
Phone (608) 831-2112
Fax (608) 836-5933

Any of the following information is helpful in planning a skylight or greenhouse:
1. name, address, phone and email
2. name of firm
3. location of the project
4. topography of area where project is to be located
5. significant dates for bid, delivery, etc.
6. your proposed budget
7. use of space below or enclosed by the glass structure
8. photos, drawings or sketches of existing or new building showing proposed glass structure locations
9. type of glazing material desired
10. desired finish on the framework for the glass structure
11. dimensions and configuration of proposed glass structure
12. slope and height of roof where glass structure is to be located
13. type of roofing material adjacent to the glass structure
14. location and type of roof framing
15. other design and cost considerations

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