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Wisconsin Solar Design architects and structural engineers have been manufacturing and installing glass structures including skylights, greenhouses, solariums and atriums for residential use and public buildings since 1981. During its early existence Wisconsin Solar Design participated in the pursuit of active and passive solar energy applications that had moved into national consciousness as a response to escalating oil prices and concern about a declining environment. Often referred to as the Camelot period for solar energy usage, the period ended abruptly with the suspension of state and federal incentives for solar use. Wisconsin Solar Design continues its interest in these renewable energy sources providing guidance and assistance to those with similar concerns.

Wisconsin Solar Design's focus on the manufacture of glass structures was a natural jumping-off point from the large scale glass collection arrays required for commercial usage of solar energy. Wisconsin Solar Design gained the experience to apply a new generation of innovations to the design of overhead glazing systems. Our current manufacture of glass structures consists primarily of providing custom metal framed skylights, greenhouses, solariums and atriums.


Wisconsin Solar Design engineers sought changes to tighten-up skylight construction and eliminate energy losses from critical joints with the surrounding construction. Wisconsin Solar Design provides the only fully insulated sill in the skylight industry as standard equipment. The connection to the curb is formed with a wide chamfered joint such that the adjoining surfaces form a broad area of contact where an effective seal can be made. The Wisconsin Solar Design insulated sill is thermally isolated with non-conductive EPS insulation.

Water tightness is a primary criteria for a glazed structure. Our engineers rewrote skylight conventions. Prior to the Wisconsin Solar Design drainage concept, skylights were totally depending on bridges formed of sealant at horizontal joints for water repulsion. This sealant use works for only a limited time and contributes to giving skylights a bad name. Wisconsin Solar Design engineered an offset glass design to provide positive water drainage at horizontal joints, a unique feature in the skylight industry. Additionally, the Wisconsin Solar Design skylight system provides extruded sill flashings, connections with concealed fasteners and friction fitting glass clip covers for architectural elegance and durable maintenance-free performance.


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