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Greenhouse Project Summary and Photos

Project Information

Name: Private residence, Green Bay, WI

Description: The project includes (1) Extended octagon greenhouse with (6) 8' sides and (2) 20' sides, 31' x 19' overall, 10 feet high exterior walls, 6 in 12 roof slope , manufactured and installed by Wisconsin Solar Design, 2005

Architect: Wisconsin Solar Design

Project Summary: The WSD greenhouse is a part of a private botanical garden which includes a pond, covered arbors, brick-paved walkways, a waterfall, fountain and an observatory tower. The greenhouse structure is installed on a stone base with a concrete floor and in-floor hydronic heating.

Project Data:

Size: 559 s.f.

Materials:  Concrete foundation, concrete floor with polished stone tile, field stone base wall, insulated glass with clear over clear low-E lites, argon filled, thermally isolated aluminum framing system with white fluropon paint.

The greenhouse is equipped as follows:

•  Twelve casement vent windows, commercial quality, roto-lock hardware and screens.

•  Two automatic ridge ventilation systems with motors, thermostats, hardware and screens. The vent opening is 2' wide by 12' long on two sides of the greenhouse.

•  Pair 78 wide and two single 36 wide insulated glass and aluminum doors, commercial entrance quality with hardware including closer, mortise lockset and thumbturn, push bar and pull handle, weatherseal, sweep and threshold.

•  (1) HAF fan, 12, 1/10 HP, 2,600 CFM.

•  Headhouse, glass enclosure with 10' high walls.

•  Motorized interior Roman folding Phifertex fiberglass weave cloth shading system to cover roof by Thermal Designs, 303-442-3485.

•  Computerized climate controller, Growmaster Procom System by Microgrow, Temecula, CA, complete with relays, contactors, temperature and humidity sensors, solar k-lux sensor and outdoor temperature sensor. Growlink greenhouse monitor including PC interface, communications package, alarm dialer, installation drawings, weather overrides for wind and rain, installation and technical training and assistance.

•  Benches, IPE, details and specifications as shown on WSD website: BENCHES. (2) - 7' long, one 6', (2) - 4', shelves and lighting for all units.

•  Watering system including strainer, couplings, solenoid valves, nozzles, PVC pipe, drain valve, linkage to Procom controller, 12 drop lines, delivery and installation.

•  Misting system including strainer, couplings, solenoid valves, 10 nozzles, PVC pipe, drain valve, linked to Procom controller.

Greenhouse Photos

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